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No new news. Probably going to do one more session this semester. Get ready for Sandune.

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Campaign back story:
In the land called The Far East, a thunderous war sucks the continent dry of resources and mana. To the south there is the United Southern Kingdoms, and to the north are the power hungry Free Cities. In an effort to gain back valuable gold and wealth, the warring provinces have little choice else, then to raid abandoned, long forgotten cities of gold and valuables. Kingdoms grow hungry and corrupt, cities become greedy and self serving. As the value of teamwork slowly diminishes into non-existence, governments call on brave adventurers from abroad or locally to rise to the challenge of raiding cities for profit. Little do the adventurers know, the invisible arm of governments north and south, push them toward the ultimate treasure: The Jewl of Rakhbah.


Campaign on Roll20:
We are now support remote play with Roll20.net! This will allow me to draw dungeons on a battle map and online, so even the remote players can see it. I highly recommend getting a tablet for this style of play. Send me a message if you are interested in remote play.

Raiders of The Far East

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