Raiders of The Far East

Diffy in Sandune

In Diffy’s time spent in Sadune so far, he has learned several facts:
-They recently had a Gnoll invasion, like Katos, but it was easily fought off by the Goliath army warriors, known as the Shadi.
-There have been large fluctuations in the mana surrounding Sandune; sometimes wild magic surges, sometimes it drops to no mana at all. These fluctuations have been ever frequent.
-There has also been a large influx of foreign Drow. They say they come from a recently ruined underground city. They appear to be welcomed in the city; in contrast to most other foreigners like Diffy, who are looked upon with disdain.
-There is a large rock island, magically suspended over the center of the city. There is a short, square building on it, with a large black obelisk jutting out the center.

Adventure 8

I’ll sum this one up very shortly.

The party exits the tight squeeze, to take a short rest in a crack in the wall. They encounter a gargantuan purple worm, who steve the bard wakes up and tries to seduce. It works. Infernal forces enter the cave through secret means and attempt to capture the worm. The paladin stays behind and sacrifices himself for his team, by setting off an intense explosion of runes. The party flees the devils and heads down the tunnels to Menzoberranzen, the Subterranean Metropolis of Drow. On the outskirts, they meet Gilex, a wizard who can only cast one spell, and tells the party he can get them to where they need to go, as long as they get procure the ‘time wand’ from House Lieren’s towers. In an a great explosion of Ancient Magic, they disrupt the wand’s protective barrier and Diffy takes it for Gilex. Gilex stops time, and we see some pretty glorius death scenes. Steve the Bard taking the building like a boss, Yujiro fighting and killing many Drow before being surrounded. Gilex teleports Diffy to the surface, on top of a mountain, just outside of Sandune.


Adventure 7

We left off at the exit of the Minotaur’s labyrinth, where the party patiently waited for the Minotaur to exit so they could fuck it’s day up. It tried to charge Steve the Bard, but it critically failed and landed in a web. They killed the Minotaur and took it’s horns as a war trophy. Then, the party continued underground to find a strange door, surrounded by tactile glyphs. Yujiro used his honorable lock-picking skills to open the door and get inside. They walked down a long, narrow corridor, with black, segmented tubes running down the length. The came to a large, circular room with a pit in the middle. The pit contained a abhorrent, ever shifting mass of screeching abomination that attacked the party. After a short battle, they continued to explore the alien caves, eventually coming to a room with jars of brain-like matter. The rest is pretty fuzzy, something about having people over for dinner, and absolutely did not involve highly intelligent beings ATTEMPTING TO MANIPULATE THE PARTY SO THAT THEY COULD FINALLY-

Anyway, they left the caves of their own accord, and came to ‘The Tight Squeeze’, which was a long crawlspace tunnel, that went on for miles.

Adventure 6
Mezorn and the 40 hundred thieves

The party briefly explores the ‘under-under city’ before being summoned to the center of the cavern’s amphitheater to have an audience with Mezorn, the current Lord Shadow of Katos’ Thieves Guild. Steve, The Battle-Bard uses his charisma and wit to intimidate the goblin. Shaken by the experience, Mezorn spills the beans about his knowledge about Giron’s whereabouts. Giron unleashed the horde of gnolls on the city, but betrayed the trust of his officers in doing so, so he fled north to Sandune to meet with his ‘boss’. The party then takes some downtime. Steve gets his weapon enchanted with fire magic at the Veiled Raven’s Katos HQ. Gailand practices his devotion to the eldritch things that give him power, only to be shunned in the eyes of the Katos public. At next dawn, they venture back into the sewers with a map of the underdark route to get to sandune. The tunnels are long, and winding, caverns poorly lit and full of steam vents and lava swells. The party comes to a maze with a minotaur running about inside. They use their combined survival and sense of direction to discern the exit without alerting the minotaur, but manage to walk into a gelatinous cube. After a short fight witht he cube, the minotaur is finally on the party, ready to charge at them with blind rage.

Adventure 5
The Battle at The Gate

The party fights the gnolls that emerged from the portal in the previous session. A couple of significant villains are noted, but escape the party, as they have a full wave of gnolls to buffer them from the party, hence, they escape. After the fight comes to a close, the party is brought to town hall, to meet with the city mayor and commander in chief, Edmund Rakera. Edmund Rakera is seated, with a representative of the Surian government standing at his side. The government official proposes that the team continue on their journey through the desert, to find the jewl in the mountains. Commander Rakera proposes that the party go find the thief-lord in charge of unleashing the gnoll-horde on the city, a goblin boss named Giron. The party chooses to search the sewers for Giron, and comes across a large opening under the sewers with the majority of the thieves guild conducting daily operations.

Adventure 4
Katos: City of Gates

Eomer is the last surviving member of the party that initially contracted with the Suri Trading Company. He takes his path north, about a days journey to the city of Katos. Katos is a small city compared to Suri, with the majority of the population in the un-walled central district. Eomer meets

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Adventure 3
Bojangles Lives
On tonight’s episode of Raiders of the Far East, we take you to a small, military encampment in the middle of the Ourenian desert. Our main characters Allensyl the Bard, Dante the Warlock, Borkin the Thief, and Eomer the Savage ventured down into Sahir’s Desert Tomb to revive their fallen comrade Bojangles the musical skeleton, but also to amass great wealth and magic items. After a short hunt for food, the party laid to rest under the night sky, but Borkin had a strange premonition dream from which he could recall little detail. In the dream there was a tower rising over a small city and a talking skull shouting things at him… but then he woke up. The party ventured back down into the dungeon to explore the previously unexplored room, to find a religious room filled with lifeless corpses and an altar with a journal and some scrolls on it. The scrolls contained magical formulae for a ritual to re-animate the dead. The party formed a circle around the ritual focal point and placed Bojangles’ bones at the center. Chanting the magic words, “SAPIENTIA VECNAE INVOCABO, EX MORTIS PRAECIPIO TIBI SURGERE”, a flash of light surged from the bones as they piled back together. Unfortunately, the corpses in the room re-animated too, and Bojangles led an attack against our brave warriors. Allensyl ran off invisibly, but was stopped at the dungeon exit by another skirmish above. Several goblinoids scurried down the dungeon door and hid behind a wall, and Allensyl helped them retrieve their riding animals. Meanwhile in the ritual room, the rest of the party fought a harsh and unforgiving battle against a large horde of undead. Dante was slain, but restored to life at a mortal price. With the help of the priest Rickard, the party eviscerated the horde, and made their way back to the sarcophagus room to rest.

Why is Dante’s skin so pale and clammy?


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