Raiders of The Far East

Adventure One, part one

A long journey by sea takes Eomer, a human barbarian, Borkin, a sneaky gnome thief, accross the oceans to the distant Kingdom of Suri. Their tactically acquired vessel safely, and smoothly makes it’s way into port. Below decks, a tall elvish bard, Allensyl, tactfully slips out of his hidey hole and makes his way up to the main deck of the ship. But it appeared that the thief was not as dexterous as he thought, and slipped into the water while looking through the wrong end of a spyglass. Eomer and Allensyl use their combined teamwork to fish him out of the water with thrown rope. Meanwhile, the human warlock Dante sets out to answer the call to adventure by leaving his home behind by airship. But bad luck tends to follow a warlock with an infernal protector, and the ship had to make a pit stop outside of Myr. Out of money, and out of luck, Dante needed to find a way to Suri. As luck would have it, there was a completely ordinary looking human man who called him aside and told him he knew where to get horses. Dante disguised himself as a member of the Pelorean Knights Auxiliary, and convinced a local farmer to lend them both horses and two gold pieces. They set their course for Suri…



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