Raiders of The Far East

Diffy in Sandune

In Diffy’s time spent in Sadune so far, he has learned several facts:
-They recently had a Gnoll invasion, like Katos, but it was easily fought off by the Goliath army warriors, known as the Shadi.
-There have been large fluctuations in the mana surrounding Sandune; sometimes wild magic surges, sometimes it drops to no mana at all. These fluctuations have been ever frequent.
-There has also been a large influx of foreign Drow. They say they come from a recently ruined underground city. They appear to be welcomed in the city; in contrast to most other foreigners like Diffy, who are looked upon with disdain.
-There is a large rock island, magically suspended over the center of the city. There is a short, square building on it, with a large black obelisk jutting out the center.



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