Cthonic Realms (Underdark)

Beneath the realms of kings, oceans, and the people of the Far East, are the vast expanse of tunnels, ravines, and underground cities known to most Ourenians as The Cthonic realms. Travel to the Cthonic Realms is easy, if you’re brave enough. Leaving in one piece is a whole different story. Surface dwellers spout tales of evil doppelganger races, monstrous wyrms, and aberrations that drag you off into madness.

Geography (layers)
Surface World- The surface world consists of the five main ‘continents’: Elyria, Norhenia, Syhenia, Ourenia, The Artic Chunk, and the Summer Archipelago. The standard races inhabit the surface world.

Undercity- This layer is typically a half-mile or less below the surface of Estrion (name of planet/plane). This layer is the second most populous, and consists of man-made tunnels and caverns. This layer usually serves as a series of aqueducts, drainage ditches, and caverns for transporting fresh or waster water from city to city. Hence, the caverns are more concentrated on towns and cities. This layer also serves as an entryway ibnto deeper layers.

Upperchasm- This layer is the third most populous layer of the Cthonic Realms. Most tunnels at this level are located 2-4 miles underground. It serves as an upper layer of catwalks, cliffs and tunnels that allow travel in between underground cities. Notable fauna include spiders, Wickersnarls, infant Wyrms, and Eyebats.

Midchasm- This layer is the most populous layer of all the Cthonic Realms. Many large chasms exist, filled with cities of the Deep Races. These chasms are usually miles wide, and exist 5-10 miles below the surface of estrion.

Underchasm- Underchasm is to the Deep Races as the Undercity/sewers are to surface dwellers. Few Cthonic Realm denizens dare to tread lower than Midchasm. Those that do face darker terrors such as the Mind Flayers, Beholders, and adult sized Wyrms. It is typically located 10 or more miles below the surface of Estrion.

Cthonic Realms (Underdark)

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