Sandune, The Slaver's Den

Sandune, The Slaver’s Den

Size (by population):
small city: Approximately 7500 People

Government: Sandune is ruled by a harsh, unyielding hierarchy of salve drivers who call themselves the Great Masters. On the bottom of the hierarchy are the slaves, who are controlled by magic and selective breeding. There are three main races in Sandune, who make up the Master Races: Humans, Gith, and Tiefling. There are several ranks of Masters in Sandune:

Pit Master- When Sandune was founded, the streets were filled with slave pits in which the the servile class toiled in the blazing heat. Each pit consisted of five to ten slaves. These pits were later filled with buildings and the like, but the Great Hierarchy called for a more subordinate form of Master to do more of the whipping. The Pit Masters consist of low level casters, and (rarely) slaves who have shown an affinity for magic. The Pit Masters do the most whipping, monitoring of slave work, and are in charge of keeping control spells in effect. With time, and a lot of brown-nosing, they eventually get stronger as magic-users and become part of the Great Masters.
Great Masters- The wealthier Great Masters are Masters with a lot of time and experience in Sandune. Slaves that have become Pit Masters typically never see this rank. Great Masters usually oversee several Pit Masters, within the jurisdiction of 7-8 city blocks. Their role is mildly administrative, and they regulate laws within their city blocks, and maintain control spells. The Great Masters are usually 9th-10th level casters, specializing in enchantments and mind-control spells. At this rank, you see less of a plethora of races, and more of a divide between each of the three Master Races.
Greater Masters- Among the Great Masters, 30 are elected to be Greater Masters. The Greater Masters are usually the most powerful, wealthy, and politically devious of all the Great Masters. Their roles are purely administrative; oversight of each city sector, regulating trade in and out of Sandune, and interpreting the laws of the Great Hierarchy when necessary. Greater masters typically do not touch the control spell field, but observe where it is weak and support if necessary. From them, they elect the Triarchs, who govern the city as a whole.
Triarchs- From each of the three Master Races, one representative is “elected”. The laws of Sandune grant each Triarch a crown, which is said to extend their power. They represent Sandune to the outside world, and act on behalf of Sandune for the Slaver’s Guild. The Triarchs are cruel and terrifying; they are usually 20th level spellcasters. They are rarely seen in public, and live in the floating pyramid above Sandune.

Currency- Sandune does not accept gold or any one specific currency; the value of currency, commodities, and other products fluctuate rapidly. It is not common to see the upper class population utilize gems, commodities and even slaves to purchase other items of value.

Notable People: (Updating this part later)

Notable Organizations:
The Jade Daggers: A band of rebels who fight back against the Masters. They operate primarily at night, and have made several successful attempts at assasination of key government leaders. It is unknown where their base of operations is, or exactly how many are working actively against the Masters.

Description: Sandune is a small city ruled by a league of powerful and terrible Sorcerer-Kings. Sandune was founded in 204aZ, after the Darkquake Wars. With the help of Drow nobles, the sorcerer-king Nazzumma enslaved the Ensurian Giants, and used them to carve the city out of a mountain. He and his wizards discovered that giants could be bred with smaller races to create a more obediant, but still stong race. Through years of a selective breeding program known as the Taming, a hybrid race known today as Goliath was born. Today, most Goliaths serve in Sandune’s famous slave army known as the Shadi, while some break free and vow to free their kin from the Masters’ tight grasp.
Shadi- Sandune’s world famous army of slaves. At the age of nine, Goliaths are taken from their mothers, and brought beneath the city for a secret training. Throughout this training they are submit to intense psychological attacks, designed to terrify them into obedience and resiliency. The Shadi are the main standing army of Sandune, and are often sold as mercenaries to other countries.
Thrulls- A horrific product of alchemy and the most vile necromancy, thrulls are pale undead who come in many shapes and sizes to serve different purposes. The thrulls are experimental slaves developed by wizard researchers working under the Triarchs. They are growing in popularity, because though the Shadi are obedient, the thrulls feel no pain, and no remorse.

All who enter the Sandune border are bound by the Great Hierarchy, or the laws and statutes put into place to define strict class-system of Sandune. The first 3 laws of the Great Hierarchy define what class citizen you are and how you can be punished. They provide a standard for slaves/slavers across Ourenia.

Law the First: Any sentient race in Sandune that is not Human, Gith or Tiefling is a lesser race. All slaves are lesser races, and shall be bound around the neck by a shackle of bronze. Any slave who does not wear their shackle may be tried in the Pit of Forgiveness, and punished by a Master, or sentenced to death.
Law the Second: All Masters shall obey the orders of the Masters appointed above them. A disobedient subordinate Master will be tried in the Pit of Forgiveness, or sentenced to death.
Law the Third: Foreigners entering Sandune or citizens not born in Sandune are free, and not bound by rank-structure of the Great Hierarchy, but still must adhere to it’s laws and customs. Those who fail to obey the laws of Sandune will be tried in the Pits of Forgiveness, and can be enslaved, or sentenced to death.
Law the Fourth: All Masters may provide rulings and interpretations of the law within their own jurisdiction. Failure to comply with a Master’s rules will result in a trail at the Pits of Forgiveness.
Law the Fifth: The Triarchs have final say in every trial. A trial that is not resolved by a subordinate Master can be brought one level higher until brought before the Triarchs.

Sandune is located on the side of a mountain, about 30 miles north of the line of fire, which puts it right in the middle of the desert. It is one of many oasis cities in the middle of the Ourenian desert.

While the amount of slave trading municipalities has dropped, slave driving is still common in the Far East, and nobles from the west have been known to purchase slaves here and there. The Great Masters make use of mercenaries and Shadi Troops who are sent out to kidnap potential slaves throughout the continent. Since the formation of the rebel group known as the Jade Daggers, the city has become more and more restless, and harder for the League of masters to control.

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Sandune, The Slaver's Den

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