Slang and Campaign specific words

This is just a short list of words/phrases/things in my campaign setting to help people understand the campaign culture a little better.

Estrion/Padion/Oulaepladus- The name of the world this campaign setting takes place on.

Overworld- Another word for ‘heaven’, or good aligned planes.

Underworld- Another word for ‘hell’, or evil aligned planes. Do NOT confuse with Underchasm, the lowest level of the Cthonic Realms.

Silver Sea- The Astral Plane

Aether/phlogiston- The theoretical materials that fill the astral sea.

Ebiraxx/The Great Other/Psi-Plane- The Far Realm: At the furthest reaches of time and space is a plane of existence that is so warped by elemental chaos and incomprehensible thought, that a mere glimpse into this terrible world could cause even the most rational minds to snap.

Cthonic Realms/Underdark- The underdark, or physical ‘underworld’. Essentially a series of drains/sewers, tunnels, chasms and caves that intertwine beneath the ground.

Upperchasm- The highest level of the underdark, and closest to the surface. Spiders, vermin, and occasionally Drow inhabit this section.

Midchasm- The middle level of the underdark. Many of the deep races live here.

Underchasm- The deepest regions of under dark. Many creatures that live here, live in complete darkness.

Deep Races- Drow, Dreugar, Deep Gnomes are all examples of Deep Races. They are blue/grey skinned and live within the Cthonic Realms. Monstrous races such as mind flayers or kuo-toa count, but typically I mean races that have a surface counterpart when I refer to Deep Races.

Flower/Blooms/Bulb- The people of The Far East are notable smokers. The most popular drug to smoke is commonly referred to as ‘Flower’, because that is exactly what you smoke. The name of the flower is Star-shade, it grows along the coast, or near salt-enriched soil. The blossom is the size of a tulip bulb, and is harvested before fully blossomed. It is then dried, occasionally mixed with addictives, and can be smoked as a bulb (more potent) or crushed into a blunt (less potent). The plant contains mana, so the psychedelic effects are intense. Can induce otherworldly visions, and intense nightmares if used frequently.

Just weed. Known as ‘silver’ due to the color of the leaves. Less psychedelic than flower.

Mana- Mana is the energy that allows spellcasters to bend reality and nature. It is often seen as a living breathing entity, deep within Estrion.

The Tapestry- Spellcasters use an intermediate energy to tap into the well of mana within the ground. the Tapestry is that energy; it weaves in and out of all things living or non-living.

Taint- A sort of desecration, a preversion of nature, or good/lawfully aligned things. Most commonly used to describe the physical scent or magical/spiritual presence of undead. Can also be used to describe the effect evil or aberrant entities have on physical or metaphysical entities.

Slang and Campaign specific words

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