The Ancient Ones and other Beings of Madness

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The Ancient Ones
The Ancient Ones are the oldest beings in the multiverse. Legend has it that before anything was, they warred in astral conflagration, accidentally causing the birth of our world. They are all-powerful primordial beings without proper shape or form, who now rest in a death-like slumber at the furthest reaches of the multiverse, Ebiraxx (aka. The Blasphemous Realm). It is said that one day, when the stars are right, they will awaken and bring forth the judgement of sentient life.

Worship of the Ancient Ones, or the Eldritch Three dates back to before the Great Cataclysm, and perhaps even earlier. Their worship is practiced in moderation by most northern Oruenians, and in zealotry by cultists in the Savagelands. By most practitioners, they are forces to be feared and paid tribute to. The Temple of The Ancient Ones is still a very influential force, particularly in the central mountain cities of Ourenia.
Clerics can choose any of the following three for their patron deity, and Warlocks can choose any of the following for their Otherworldy Patron (Great Old One):

Hydra (Cthagua, The Star Goddess; NE; Life Domain)
Hydra is revered by the Aboleths as the progenitor of their kind, a queen of blood and mucus bringing terrible life to our once empty world. Many secret cults and sects believe her to be the female counterpart to Dagon and Great Cthulhu, which are Eldritch Terrors on another plane of existence. Hydra swims the vast currents of infinite realms, bring forth great and terrible Things in her wake.

H’chek (H’chek, Knower of All Things; LE; Arcana, Knowledge Domain)
H’chek is the Ancient One of terrible secrets and arcane knowledge. It is said that when our world was created, H’chek gifted the first sentient races with the power of Ancient Magicks, knowing that the power was not meant for mortal minds, and would bring about their eventual demise. H’chek often appears to mortals through dreams in the form of a horned worm, whispering forbidden secrets of magic . He has been known to be a more active interloper in the Mortal Realms, and promises power for proper tribute.

Ithnul (Ithnulkhn, The Devourer of Worlds; CE; Death Domain)
Where Hydra was said to have birthed the world’s first races, Ithnul will bring the final end to it. Ithnul is a shapeless, ever changing being of chaos and terror. He is the oldest of the Ancient Ones, and can render entire universes to dust.

The Three Ancient Ones are the primary beings in the pantheon, and typically regarded as the most powerful. There are other entities, creeping through the farthest reaches of the multiverse. These are creatures of terrifying might, some malevolent and some indifferent to the lesser races that inhabit the material plane. Warlocks may take any of the following as their Otherworldly Patron (Great Old One):

Sholathatugg: Sholathatugg is a lesser known entity, worshipped by the most vile of races in the darkest corners of Estrion (Prime Material Plane). Like Ithnul, Sholathatugg is a shapeless being, He is a force that exists solely in Ebiraxx, but seeping into the cracks of the Astral Sea. In material form, He appears as a sort of ‘taint’ color, that drains the life from the beings it touches.

Acherai: ‘Brother’ to M’chek, He is the source of chaos that birthed the first demons of the Underworld. He speaks in a language incomprehensible to all mortal beings, and barely pronounceable to demons.

Asam: Once human, he attempted to become ‘at one’ with the ‘outsideness’ of the Ancient Ones. He killed his father and devout followers as a mortal to die and raise his body as an abomination. He is now a mass of worms and vermin that hold his psychic being, and roams the multiverse for more power. He can be summoned by calling his name three times at midnight.

There are other similar beings named in several tomes such as:
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and On The Sending Out of The Soul

The Ancient Ones and other Beings of Madness

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